It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: An Endangered Tang

Always Sunny Aficionado: One of the reasons I love It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is how the sheer political incorrectness/ridiculousity brings light to otherwise serious issues. Plus, the self-centered “gang” and their band of unique acquaintances have an infinitely entertaining amount of quirks. I’m here every week to give you the scoop on what I think…and hear what you have to say, too.

SEASON 6: EPISODE 3: THE GANG BUYS A BOAT is back and the gang is after a “P. Diddy style shrimping vessel” with the assets they’ve earned. All of their money gets them a dilapidated houseboat, The Drowning Sailor.

According to Dennis, a houseboat “offers all the advantages of a house with the excitement of the sea.” But the gang has to clean it up first—Charlie and Frank are assigned to scrape barnacles, while Mac, Dennis and Dee are going to redecorate.

Dee doesn’t see the need for redecoration—especially after she discovers a mid-90s style boombox. Dee shows off her “P. Diddy boat dance” inside, appalling her audience of Mac and Dennis. Outside, Frank is after some Delaware River catfish. Charlie offers to boil and eat the barnacles on the side of the ship, which he mistakes for oysters. Mac and Dennis, frustrated by Charlie and Frank’s stupidity and unsure if they are “patronizing” them, leave to get paint and supplies. As they go, Frank accidentally throws the keys in the water, forcing Charlie to jump in and search for them.

Now the true purpose behind the boat is revealed—Dennis bought it to get chicks because obviously the boat will seduce them, they will go below deck and they won’t say no to hooking up because of the “implication of danger” that the open seas provides. Mac misconstrues this and thinks Dennis is acting creepy. (Is he? Think back to the D.E.N.N.I.S. system!)

Back on the boat, Charlie is finding everything but the keys. DMX “Stop, Drop,” plays as Dee cleans up. Frank decides to take a hammer to a lot of the décor instead. Meanwhile, Mac is still skeptical of Dennis’ implications. They come back to the boat to find Dee and Frank practicing P. Diddy dance moves in the now-destroyed interior.

Up on deck, Charlie is convinced that he has happened upon pirate booty, like crazy dolls and pirate hair brushes…but he’s actually been dredging up the stuff Dee has been throwing out the window in her redecoration initiative.

While Mac and Dennis learn about an upcoming Dock Party, we learn that Mac has purchased an inflatable man. Mac and Dennis show up to inform the rest of the gang that they are going to a party while the gang works. Charlie has finally found the keys.

Cut to Mac and Dennis in very preppy, yachty attire. The Dock Party is on an amazing boat—but the patrons look a little rough and tumble. Mac is convinced that the people might have adventurous stories, until they find out that a man has lost an arm to diabetes, not fighting on the seven seas. One of the boaters promises they are going to the open ocean to get some “tasty treats.”

When Dennis’ game (remember the implications?) is turned back on him, he doesn’t feel so great—until a bunch of strippers walk on board. Back at the boat, Dee, Charlie and Frank are having a blast grilling Delaware River catfish (“you can taste the endangered tang”) and dancing with the inflatable man—until Charlie throws the fire extinguisher and coincidentally starts a fire. Dennis and Mac walk back with two lovely ladies to their boat—or where the boat was supposed to be. The episode ends with the boat in flames.

GIRL TALK TIME: What did you think of this week’s episode? I was a little disappointed that there weren’t more crazy characters involved. What do you think of Charlie and Frank? I feel like they’re becoming such a dynamic duo. I also think Mac was a little whiny this episode with his “patronizing” and “implication” hang-ups. I wanted to see more about the success of too.


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  • Deloris Taliaferro:

    that was a very funny

  • Always Sunny:

    Hey, ladies! Love to see your comments :) . This show is on FX every Thursday at 10pm. If you haven’t caught it already, I suggest doing so! It’s a great LOL-inducing show and gets you all relaxed and smiling, ready to greet the weekend at the end of Friday.

  • Kay:

    haven’t seen it

  • avatar

    Too funny!

  • avatar
    tawanda smith:

    its so much fun to watch

  • penelope:

    what channel they give this stuff?

  • Crispy:

    never seen it

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    Jennifer Skarin:

    Always Sunny is a big fav for my husband and I. This is one show that we always take the time to sit down and watch together. It’s just my kind of humor! I recommend watching!!!


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