Purple Makeup: Fail or Fave?! PLUS, Meg Could Answer YOUR Makeup Question!

It’s Meg here, getting you ready for fall! The color of the season has been chosen, so I hope you’re fully stacked up on your violets, aubergines, plums and amethysts. That’s right ladies, as we’ve previously mentioned in our purple fashion trendspotting, purple has taken center stage. Here are a few favorites to make sure you’re on trend with makeup, too. Plus, let us know if this makeup must is a no or go in your book.

Oh, Chanel! You’ve done it again. Another sure to be cult favorite, Paradoxal ($23) is a sophisticated purple that manages to blend in some serious grey and taupe tones. If you can’t afford the purple Chanel boucle, you can surely scrimp a bit for this lovely lacquer. A girl is never fully dressed without a little Chanel, so sport some “Paradoxal” on the nails and you’ve not only pleased the fashion gods, you’ve managed to incorporate the pretty purple trend, too.

Starting the recommendations with Chanel and YSL? Who do I think I am today? Daddy Warbucks? I know. But this duo, Yves Saint Laurent Ombre DuoLumieres Eyeshadow #29 “Purple Amethyst” ($41) is just fantastic—I keep it in my purse. Again, the purple here is subtle. The tawny brown is a very soft shade as well, so it won’t overpower in the office. All you have to do is ramp up a little more with the shimmery amethyst side and you’re ready for a very fashionable dinner date.

I told you stick with me! Here you go, frugal fashionistas! The NYC Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil #934”Smoky Plum” ($5) won’t budge, goes on smoothly…and it’s waterproof (throw as many crying fits as you like! A little drama is good!). When we reviewed this liner the remarks were, “As good as the pricey counterparts in staying power!” This Smoky Plum can serve as a great replacement for your standard black and keep you runway-ready under the hot lights. “I only want to see you laughing in the Purple Rain!” Okay, Prince, wearing Smoky Plum? No running issues here!

It comes as no surprise that Urban Decay does purple perfectly—what else would you expect? It is their signature shade! Their Big Fatty Mascara is a thin-lashed gal’s BFF. They know color is paramount this fall and have blessed us with their sublime Purple Haze ($17). Worn alone, it is perfectly suitable for a 9-5. If you want to create a theatrical expression (who doesn’t?), then here’s a tip for you: Before you apply your Purple Haze, prime your lashes with a white-based lash primer. Purple really pops with a light base and you’ll exude flair from every angle!

This Revlon Super Lustrous-Creme Lipstick, VA VA Violet! #663 ($7.99) comes in a dramatic, ink-shade at a drama-free price. If this color is too explosive for a conservative work environment, top it off with a softer gloss. For a night out, we say “go with it!” Revlon gets it right: The staying power is decent, the formula isn’t drying and you’ll look like you stepped off the cover of Vogue.

I am partial to the watermelon mint flavor, but my girlfriend swears by green apple. Blue-based purple lips can counteract the yellow in your skin tone and make your teeth look whiter! If you’re feeling like your pearly whites wont be able to pull off a brown-based purple (eggplant, anyone?), then these Go Smile Touch-ups ($10) will make you want to say “cheese”…especially if you’ve been enjoying your cheese with red wine. Purple is all over the catwalk, but it will never be in style on your teeth. These little capsules will have you a shade whiter in no time, taste delish, and fit into even the smallest clutch for after-dinner, pre-kiss touch-ups (did I mention they freshen your breath as well?).

-Megan O’Brien of MegsMakeup.com

Megan O’Brien runs Megsmakeup.com. Meg is a beauty expert and makeup artist who frequently guest stars on national television. Megsmakeup.com is her baby, where she believes, “Always remember, true beauty comes from within…From within bottles, jars, compacts and tubes!”

GIRL TALK TIME: Would you ever or would you never sport purple makeup? Vote below AND ask Meg your burning makeup questions: How do you really cover up adult acne? Is green nail polish a must this season? Which drugstore mascara really works? We could choose your dilemma to answer next time around.

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    I am so looking forward to rocking the purple nails and eyeshadow. I’m not quite sure about the lips but maybe for a night time look.

  • penelope:

    I would sport purple eyeshadow and purple eyeliner. I don’t know about purple lips and nails.My nails are naturally long so neutral or french is my way to go but I wouldn’t mind on my toes.

  • MARY:

    I can’t wait to try out the new purple I love purple I bought a dress yesterday that was purple and it was so cute on! I will try these products that u mention above I love the purple eyeshadow! Look out purple we are going all out this season.

  • Joyann:

    I’ve always loved purple (purple living room set – no its not too much) and just recently started experimenting with purple eye shadow and must say it can be subtle for the day and layered up for an evening vibe!!!

  • avatar

    I am sooooooooo into purple for this upcoming season! Love it! :)

  • avatar

    I like the eyeshadow- vey pretty.


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