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Meg from Meg’s Makeup here! Summertime, and the living’s easy, or so they say. With the hot temps, it has become a task to look hot without, um, looking hot. Applying makeup is a skill, keeping it on your face during sweltering temperatures is an art!

#1. Primer is not just for painting your walls. Do you really need to do it? Do you really need to caulk your face? Yes. Yes, you do. Paint primer keeps the color from soaking into your wooden walls. Face primer keeps your makeup from soaking into your skin. Silk Perfection Primer & Moisturizer ($29) from Cat Cosmetics keeps your makeup on all day and a little birdie (or kitty) told me that this item is 30% OFF for August with code PERFECT.

#2. Oil spills: Bad for the Gulf, bad for your face. I love how light BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizer SPF 18 ($25 at Sephora) is. I have friends that jog in it and they come back with zero shine, plus it has SPF. Covering existing imperfections while protecting yourself from future ones is not only beautiful, it’s smart. No need to carry around an extra powder compact when you start with such a great base.

#3. Look Sun-Kissed without Sunburn. This bronzer tip gives you a healthy glow, and acts as a sweat barrier, too. Apply the first and heaviest sweep of your bronzer brush at the hairline of your forehead, and blend down. By starting at the hair line you’ll have the most powder deposited so any unruly sweat beads will be stopped, ASAP! Sweep the bronzer on the tip of the nose, chin and side of your cheeks. Blend—you want to look like you’ve been kissed by summer sun, not an Oompa Loompah. Nicole Paxson’s Tropic Queen Bronzer with SPF 15 ($30.50) has four different but complimentary shades so you can easily blend for as much drama as you want.

#4 It’s Not The Shadow, It’s the Liner. I have a product and a tip that is going to keep your eyeliner in place all day. This is one of my most Holy Grail products! LORAC’s Front of the Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner ($22) is water-proof and budge-proof and so easy to apply. To keep your eyes smudge-proof and gorgeous for hours on end: Grab an angled eye makeup brush (an angled eyebrow brush works, too). I grab a black eyeshadow and once I have liquid-lined my eyes, I go over the liquid line with the powder and the angled brush to just further “set-it.” This is also an easy way to get a sexy smoky eye. For more drama, just keep blending. It’s melt-proof and fool-proof.

#5 Getting Tubular. Blinc mascara ($25) will change your life! It physically can’t smudge. Blinc Mascara was invented to form water-resistant “tubes” around your lashes. This stuff is jaw-dropping. Whenever I wear it I get asked if I’m wearing falsies. The “tubes” bind to your lashes and you can go from morning until midnight and run in the Sahara.

#6 Feel No Pain When You Stain! Lipgloss smudge, lipsticks smear, lipstains stay put. I know there’s always some controversy on whether they’re too drying. My first pick is Liptini Liqueur Lip and Cheek Stain. These colors are absolutely fabulous and apply like a total dream! They last all day and they don’t dry out your lips. Nothing looks hotter with a nice tan (faux of course) than a gorgeous sex-kitten red. Check out Liptini’s Marachino ($16.50)!

#7 Don’t Rub! Blot it, Baby! Just press a piece of blotting paper to your oily spot (usually in the T-zone) and let it rest for a few seconds to absorb oil. Then throw it away. You should never reuse a piece of blotting paper and don’t reapply makeup before you blot. If you add makeup on top of oil, you’re going to be in zit-city, slickster. I like Clean and Clear’s Oil Absorbing Sheets ($5.99 at They work really well, and at that price you can blot away, never tempted to reuse.

#8 Makeup Setting Spray! After years of finishing our ‘dos with a spritz of lacquer, our faces are finally getting the same stay-put finish! No, not with harmful chemicals and aerosols, with a few different setting sprays on the market. Nicole Scherzinger was Dancing With the Stars all night and her makeup never moved thanks to this miracle in a bottle. The All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray ($29) from Urban Decay keeps your makeup in place for 16 HOURS!

-Megan O’Brien of

Megan O’Brien runs Meg is a beauty expert and makeup artist who frequently guest stars on national television. is her baby, where she believes, “Always remember, true beauty comes from within…From within bottles, jars, compacts and tubes!”

GIRL TALK TIME: What summer makeup do you swear by? How do you keep makeup from melting off in the summer? Share your tips and tricks!


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  • Lesley:

    I don’t really have this problem, but I have a girlfriend that could definitely use these products!!

  • avatar

    Cant wait to try the all nighter spray

  • LiSS:

    iiiiii lllllooooovvvveee makeup

  • avatar
    Anna Mikhailitchenko:

    wow i found out about this site from megsmakeup and i love it so hopefully ill love this! but this is great advice and im always looking for oil blotting sheets because i can never find them so thanks for the clean&clear ones so now i know! otherwise i cant wear foundation or anything really during the year because of my insanely oily skin so thanks for the tips!

  • Crystal:

    I even have trouble with makeup melt-down in the winter, because my skin is so insanely oily! So, I must use products like the ones listed above year round. Can’t wait to try that lip stain! The only one I’ve tried so far is Cover Girl’s and the beige shade turned hot pink on me, and looked all blotchy. Not pretty!

    As of now, my top two “anti-melt” products are Mattify! Loose Powder by Mattify Cosmetics and Smudge Stick Eye Liner by Stila. I use the Mattify Powder as a primer, and again on top of my foundation. When I use this I can go about 4 hours without a touch up, before oil starts to show up. When I’ve tried liquid or gel primers, they give me breakouts and my face is oily within 20 minutes. The Mattify powder sets makeup too, so it lasts all day. The Stila Liner is really high pigment and stays on about 8 hours with no streaking. This is the only liner I’ve ever found that even stays put on the inner rims of my eyes. Love it!! Top it all with a setting spray, and you’ll look great all day (or night) long.

  • Kat Quarterman:

    I just discovered the absolute best tinted moisturizer – Mineral Sheer Tint SPF 20 by Fluhme! It’s all natural minerals, serves as a base, gives me just the right glow, takes away the shine, and I love the way it feels!! My top pick!

  • avatar

    I have to agree with Ree Ree (Marykay for me)

  • Loveinu "Ree Ree" Simmons:

    oil blotting sheets and Mary kay( eye shadow, foundation, blush, eyeliner, and bronzer) with Ponds cold cream !!! love it OOps almost forgot MAC lipglass

  • Lisa M:

    I can’t leave the house without my oil blotting sheets! Love Them!

  • avatar

    love that liptini shade and the bronzer too! my friend uses the the balm moisturizer and swears by it.

  • avatar

    Great tips and i can’t wait to try some of these products!

  • avatar

    Great tips.

  • Joy:

    Great tips! I love Bare Escentials foundation. It lasts all day for me.


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