Check, Please: The Perfect Man

We’ve talked about lists before. To do lists, shopping lists, celebrity exemption lists…and now we’re adding the perfect man checklist to…our list!

Inspired by the perfect man-ism exalted by the Old Spice Man (jokes aside, that man is damn fine) and some other good fellows (hello, Leo and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Inception), we took to the office and compiled a list of the qualities that top our Staffers’ lists.

Needless to say with a lot of cooks in the kitchen the list was quite long—so here are the top 20 traits!

Since perfect is pretty much, um, not possible, we’d say if you could find a guy with 5-10, you’re golden (bonus points on those physical traits!).

Drumroll, please…

1. A sense of humor

2. Honest

3. A gentlemen

4. A strong ambition to succeed

5. Sensitive (but not too sensitive)

6. Loyal

7. A good listener

8. Loves dogs and kids

9. Not too needy

10. Steady source of income

11. Independent

12. Kind

13. Witty

14. Smart

15. Socially aware

16. Driven, but not aggressively so

17. Family oriented

18. Passionate

19. A heart of gold

20. Adventurous

Bonus Five Physical Traits:

1. Tall

2. Perfect teeth

3. Dimples

4. Abs of steel

5. Looks (damn) good in a suit!

GIRL TALK TIME: What qualities are on the list for your perfect man? Which ones are most important to you? Have you ever turned down a guy because he didn’t fit all of your criteria?


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  • Tiffany:

    Although this list is nice, it isnt my ideal list. And I cant believe Romantic is not up there! not even top 20??

    My top 10

    1. Patient
    2. Intelligent
    3. Strong ambition to succeed
    4. Loyal
    5. Romantic
    6. Honest
    7. Appreciates culture and diversity (art/music/culture)
    8. Epicurious (pursuit of great food & drink)
    9. Successful career
    10. Likes to cook (and is good at it)

  • Amanda:

    A sense of humor
    Not too needy
    Steady source of income
    Driven, but not aggressively so
    Family oriented
    A heart of gold

    … those all sound good to me! =o)

  • Sallita:

    I can honestly say that my man had 90% of the traits on this list. I am lucky!

  • Crispy:

    In general, there is no such thing is perfect, but everyone has their own definition of perfect. Having a sense of humor is a must. Can’t take someone who is always serious.

  • avatar

    The models body is….ummmm ummmm ummmm… now what’s the article about…lol

  • avatar
    Leann Lancaster:

    The guy model is super hott

  • avatar
    Leann Lancaster:

    I could barely take my eyes off the hott model to read the traits!!

  • Loveinu "Ree Ree" Simmons:

    Good List but I needed Spirituality added !!! a family that prays together stays together

  • Camille Cochran:

    Agree with most but good looking is in the top 10, maybe #2. Just keepin’ it real.

  • phillieschic681:

    Great list. I however do not think that there is a perfect man. Don’t get me wrong there are alot of great guys out there but in my eyes no one is ever perfect not even myself. There will always be some sort of flaw in everyone.

  • carolyn prophete:

    Great list.

  • krenasimon:

    A man that thinks with his heart, A man that loves his mother,
    A man that is intelligent, and a man that is patient

  • Vaia:

    agreed with all of them but they forgot to put on one – the guy has to be manly/tough.

  • Ariane Nunnery:

    Great list with almost everything i want in a man!!!! yay

  • Lauren Henriksen:

    that list exists in real guys, but theyve always been in guys im never attracted to lol

  • lindsay:

    must have blue eyes and dark hair :) meooww

  • chitowngirl1:

    This list just about covers it! It’s a perfect compilation of all the things that one should look for in a man (a MAN, not a little BOY!). I would add the trait that he loves God, but that’s just my personal addition! :)

  • Sis. Shawna:

    A man that LOVES and FEARS GOD, one who prays often, one who can cook (for the days I don’t want too), and one that is fun, outgoing, and someone that can be a strong role model for my children.

    1. chitowngirl1:

      I agree! :)

  • Krissy Spence:

    You’ve got it pegged with that list! Definitely Honest, Loyal, Sense of Humor, Kind, Adventurous… Tall… the physique department is a nice touch ;)

  • naja sensey:

    wow, great list! but those this man really exist? and if so, i bet he’s already taken! lol


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