Throw a Christmas in July Party

Okay, so the weather outside is a little less than frightful (aside from the scorching temps) and Santa isn’t exactly coming to town (unless he’s wearing board shorts and flips), but that’s no reason not to celebrate Christmas, right in the middle of the hot, hot summer. Take everything you love about the winter holidays, summer-fy it and you have…Christmas in July! FYI: Christmas in July is intended for everyone to celebrate, and we’ve added a few alternative options for whatever holiday you’re missing in this heat.

THE SETUP: No need to go out and buy a piney evergreen for your gathering. String the trees outside as if they were your Christmas tree with garlands, lights and ornaments. Christmas decorations are super cheapie in the summer (uhhh hello,!), so go big or go home in the decorating department! Oh, and don’t forget the mistletoe, hung anywhere (or carried around!) to ensure some sizzling smooches at your soirée.

THE FOOD: Classic Christmas fare can be a bit on the heavy side (to help keep us warm in the cold month of December…duh!). Rethink traditional tastes like ham by offering a selection of sliced cold cuts and a DIY wrap or sandwich bar. This takes little prep time, but still has the classic comfort of the holidays. For any other meat/protein you traditionally eat, try a lighter version of it by firing up the grill.

As a nod to Hanukkah fare, potato latkes are easy and scrumptious no matter what the season. The Food Network’s got you covered with a hassle-free Potato Latke recipe. To wash it all down, update your classic eggnog by making it milkshake-style (recipe from To amp up the fun factor, serve jello shots in strawberry, lime and blueberry to rep all of the holiday colors. For a mocktail, punch is an easy and always-awesome option. Want even more festive fare? See our Christmas in July recipes.

THE OUTFIT: We always loved when your uncle dressed up as…er, when SANTA showed up at your holiday parties growing up, and how cute are those Mrs. Claus outfits?! Unfortunately, velour and faux fur are not exactly summer friendly (sweat, much?), but opting for something like the American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Double U-Neck Dress ($36) in red or blue is sure to capture the festive spirit. Slip on Havaiana’s FIT sandal ($28) in silver for a sleek addition (cue “Silver and Gold” song…).

-Lynden Halpern

GIRL TALK TIME: Would you host a Christmas in July party? How would you set up and what would you serve?! Now that it’s so hot out, are you longing for colder temperatures?


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    Considering that im a Chicago girl, i think christmas in July is a cool idea, literally. Hot temps, fun friends/family, activities, and cool drinks! This is a definite this summer!

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    I think I may just have to haveChristmas in July Party sounds like we could need it . with the heat waves we keep having in Jersey !!!

  • chitowngirl1:

    This sounds like so much fun! Aida, decorating a Christmas tree with flip flops is an awesome idea! :)

  • Joy:

    Wonderful idea.

  • Stephanie Price:

    Love Love Love summer time Christmas parties…Great ideas

  • shanique:

    Idea sounds great its something to think abt a must.

  • Aida:

    Super Cute idea! I will be coordinating my party this Sunday the 25th and have a flipflop decorate tree.

  • avatar

    i’m so longing for cooler temp–love the winter & snow & christmas trees! love those havaianas sandals and i can’t wait to try the milkshake eggnog. i would consider throwing a christmas in july party.

  • HisGirl:

    Love the sound of this!!!

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    I am going to plan a party at my job! We used to do it every year and then we stopped. Christmas tree and all!


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