What If…There Was a “Guys Night Out”?

Whew! The Shecky’s crew is still on an events buzz after our four-day extravaganza in New York (coverage coming tomorrow and Thursday!). All this Girls Night Out hoopla has us thinking…“What if GUYS had a similar event?” To switch sides for a second, we interviewed the male Shecky’s staffers (we are the girlfriend brand, but yes, there are some men in our magenta office) to find out what their ultimate Guys Night Out would include. Here’s what they had to say (we told them to keep it PG-13, please!):

Gadgets and Gizmos

“The event would have booths with gadgets. It would be like an electronics expo, with live music and old-school cocktails. Perhaps some poker games as well. Some clothing shopping would be cool too, but not the main focus.”

Small and Secretive

“It would be a small group of friends hanging out at a secret speakeasy where we would sip single malt whiskey and catch up on conversation. Company is all I need, so I wouldn’t worry about the Goodie Bag!”

Blackjack, Sports and Snoop Dogg (Obviously!)

“Blackjack tables, tequila tastings, sports mascots, sumo wrestling, cool new gadgets, gourmet burgers, old-school sneaker shopping, and Snoop Dogg on the mic (he can bring Katy Perry if he really wants to). The Goodie Bag would be filled with no-streak gel deodorants, shaving gear, chips  and chocolate, CD samplers, and maybe some adult disposable wet wipes.”

GIRL TALK TIME: What do you think your husband, boyfriend, best guy friend would want in a Guys Night Out? What do you imagine the typical Guys Night Out would be like? Let us know…and have fun with it.

-Cait Rohan


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  • Joy:

    Guys night out has been around forever. That’s not new.

  • Nina:

    I think this is a great idea!!! Definately card games, tools and gadgets would facinate all the guys!


    Wondering if this would ever happen…LOL

  • Nancy Avalos-Roman:

    Not a bad idea

  • Jackie McCarthy:

    Good idea, they could think it was corney

  • Laura:

    I think that there should be a guys nite out!! :OD

  • avatar

    I think it is a great idea for a guys night out! Not sure if the guys would think it was corny. And yes, beer, sports and a big screen TV.

  • Whitney Lopez:

    I’m all for a guys night out. My hubby is so sweet dropping off and picking up me and the girls at girls night out, but I see the little saddness in his eyes that theres nothing like this for him and the guys. He’d love gadgets, shoe shopping (he has more pairs than me!) tequila tastings (great idea) and general carousing with his boys. Shecky’s, get working!

  • sherri:

    Monte Carlo night with gadgets and beer

  • Shecky's:

    Hey LaShanna!
    While we always appreciate hearing from you on Sheckys.com, your comment has been removed. We’re keeping the new Sheckys.com a safe and respectful place for all of our girlfriends and we need you to help us reinforce that mission.
    Thanks again for being a user.

  • berberry:

    i would like if girl’s night incorporated some of these aspects

  • Vanessa:

    Love this idea! I think men (they may not admit it) would love to do something like this. My guy is always amazed with my goodie bag and enjoys sharing some of the great products in it ;D We were just discussing this very same thing after Friday’s event. He actually said he would love to attend one and asked if there were any guys at the event. “Guys Night Out” sounds like a great idea go with it!

  • Zaida Ogando:

    Sports, beers and gadgets like big screen tv’s.

  • Elena Yee:

    Definitely booths involving wrestling, sports, games, and beer! But to make it a night out, it would have to focused primarily on games and gagdets and the latest products/technology out there

  • jennifer giles:

    Most men are in and out stoppers so they would need beer, beernuts, pool tables, basketball courts, and ESPN!!!!


    Guys are pretty simple….FOOD AND BEER

  • Laurie Martinez:

    For my man it would be baseball, beer and snacks.

  • avatar

    def would involve beer, sports, big screen tvs and bad, fried food!

  • HisGirl:

    anything to do with cars, cars oh did i mention cars????

  • Cynthia Inacio:

    i definitely think lots of guys would want goodie bags – they love getting free stuff and new things to tinker with just as much as girls do! i think i see more of my guy friends liking the first comment with the gadgets and gizmos, some clothes but not the main focus and i think different beer/ wine/ liquor tastings would be key, with maybe an area for gambling like poker and blackjack, and video games!

    Hmm… that sounds fun! Shecky’s should think about a guys night out too!


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