Sarong, So Right

It’s summer (as of yesterday) and we don’t know about you, but we’re ready for a vacation already! We know you’ve already picked out a cute suit that shows off all the right curves, but if you want a little extra coverage when you check out the bar or take a walk on the beach, we have the perfect solution. A sarong is easy to put on, takes up little space in your luggage or beach bag, and of course, looks fabulous!

We’ve got so much love for this Carol Wior 10-way Pareo ($22.99) from JCPenney.  It’s sleek and gets along swimmingly with any type of bathing suit. And as an added bonus, it can be tied in 10 different ways to really customize your style.

Feeling a little flirty? This La Palapa White Chiffon Sarong ($34) from Everything But Water amps up the sassiness. The short length is sexy but still has you covered, and the ruffles give it a touch a whimsy. All you need to do is wrap it around your waist, tie the ends in a knot, and you’re off!

Throw some pretty, exotic patterns into your beach wardrobe with this sultry sarong. A colorful Swim Systems SS Prints Sarong ($56) from Everything But Water adds a splash of faraway funkiness to every swimsuit.


  1. Step in front of your sarong.
  2. Let the fabric sit on your waist.
  3. Pull the ends in front of you, making sure that the fabric is even.
  4. Secure a knot in the front of your sarong and voila—you’re done!

-Kristen Barba

GIRL TALK TIME: How do you cover up at the beach and still stay chic? Let us know your seaside styling musts.


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  • Lesley:

    Love sarongs!

  • Lisa M:

    Covering up the jiggily parts is a must for me! All of these sarongs are gorgeous! Can’t hit the beach with out one!

  • Joy:

    I love sarongs. I never seen one like the 2nd one that is short. Cute. My fave is the 3rd one. Classic sarong.

  • avatar
    Lisa Gaines:

    I’m heading to Hilton Head this summer for a Mother/Daughter vacation with my mom, two aunts and my cousins. It should be fun, but I need a sarong for my swimsuits. Going to check these out!

  • berberry:

    i love to turn my sarongs into a halter dress. they look so cute and sexy

  • lynda allen:

    You cannot go wrong with a sarong. So many ways to tie them. Sooo many fabrics and so many color choices. Tie them above the bust and they feel so feminine and floowy, or at the waist or below depending on your own assets.

    Wear them in the evening with a flower in your hair. Very alluring.

  • Angela Panebianco:

    I love the white sarong! Very flirty, very sexy and almost looks like a skirt. I would wear that.


    I love the little beach dresses to throw over a bathing suit!!

  • avatar

    LOVE sarongs — never a bad beach choice! (Unless worn totally wrong.)

  • avatar

    sarongs look pretty but i prefer airy, breezy tunics b/c they cover up many trouble spots at once (belly, butt, thighs).

  • HisGirl:

    Cover Ups a MUST!!! I’m hoping to lose some weight then maybe not need one…one pick would be that cute white one!

  • Erage:

    i love the black cuz it goes with everything it so simple yet so in style and classy love them

  • avatar

    i love the white sarong!

  • Decaf Girl:

    I have lost a ton of weight. I want to play in the sun and water but I need to cover up still becuase I am not nice and firm. I decided to be funky and fun this year by buying a pair of boys board shorts and adding a bikini top. It hides the ripply tummy and thighs and still allows me to sport something a little sexy.

  • avatar
    Miss Jones:

    I am definitely excited about summer finally being here. One of my friends is planning a trip to Cuba and another wants to go to Spain and Vegas for the Fourth. Either way I’m in for a wonderful summer.


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