(Iced) Tea Time

Memorial Day might mark the unofficial start of summer (sorry, folks, the real day isn’t till June 21), but we bet you didn’t know that June was National Iced Tea Month. Yep, time to celebrate everyone’s favorite summer sip. Sure, you’ve got your usual Iced Tea suspects, like Lipton’s, Arizona and Snapple (yum!), but check out these refreshing (and fun!) twists on your old favorite. Serve them up at a party this weekend along with the little tidbit we just taught ya.

Get Twisted

Created by a team of brewmasters who want their hard iced tea to taste like your regular options, Twisted Tea is made from a blend of real teas and lemon. Aside from the original recipe, choose from Twisted Tea Light, Twisted Tea Raspberry and Twisted Tea Backyard Bash.

Island Escape

Long Island Iced Tea is a classic summer drink, er, the cause of many a summer’s day hangover. Did you know the drink contains no actual iced tea? We’re giving this cocktail the go-ahead anyways. Check out the Food Network’s super-easy Long Island Iced Tea recipe.

Exotic Ice

Add some delish to your usual tea drink with a recipe from Yuri Kato. Kato, author of Japanese Cocktails ($10.17 at Amazon.com), puts a summery spin on iced tea with Chaniwa (FYI: Cha means tea and niwa means garden).

Check out the easy (and delicious) recipe:

1 part Zen Green Tea Liqueur

¼ parts Banana Liqueur

1 part Light Rum

2 Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream

2 Biscuits Banana Slices for Garnish

Matcha Powder for Garnish

-Cait Rohan


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  • Lisa M:

    Yumm! Looks so refreshing for summer!

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    oooh, these look yummy–thanks for the recipe sheckys!

  • Juliet Willoughby:

    Will be trying this weekend at my July 4th BBQ

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    latisha wyatt:

    These drinks all sound great. I got to try them all!!


    Delicious drinks….


    Going to try these this wknd!!

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    They do look really good. Can’t wait to try some.

  • clarisse mello:

    they all look so yummy


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