5 Signs It’s Time To Break Up

Like all things in life, coupledom has its ups and downs. But how do you know when the relationship roller coaster gets too wild to hold on? Five things that say (scream?!) break up…now.

1) Lack-o-fun. You don’t get excited to spend time with your man. Sex and other quality time together seems about as fun as your biweekly wax appointment (cringe!).

2) Stupid fights. Those petty arguments (did you really just leave the toilet seat cover up, again?!) have turned into massive daily fights and someone ends up on the couch all night or crying into a pint of ice cream. Either compromise and work things out or call it quits.

3) Others see it. It’s a relationship red flag when friends question your fella’s behavior, or refuse invites to hang out with you due to arguing or complete blah-ness. They see what you might not.

4) Size up. Do you compare your guy to ex-lovers or your friends’ boyfriends? Are you trying to change him for the better? Newsflash: Your dude is who he is. Talk it out, accept it or walk away.

5) Forgetfulness. You blank on telling your BF about your day and leave him out when you get big news. He forgets to call when he says he will because he was doing something else…that didn’t include you.

If you have any of these symptoms, you might want to reconsider yourself as a couple. Sometimes breaking up is for the better and if you were “meant to be” you’ll come back to each other.

Do you have any warning signs you’d like to add? How do you know when a dude is done? Use that space below to tell all.

-Kellene McCaffrey


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  • LiSS:

    this def makes u think about the relationships you particpate in

  • Lisa M:

    So true!

  • avatar

    def a great article. can’t think of any to add b/c those seem like the top 5.

  • Joy:

    Great article.


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