Max Out Alone Time

Every once and a while we crave some solo time. With the chaotic interactions at work, constantly being the go-to gal when your girls need to vent or dealing with dating drama, sometimes the best solution is to hit the town…alone. The initial thought can be frightening, but we’ve got no-fail tips for flying solo. Who says you need a significant other to have a blast?

Have Confidence!

Feeling good about yourself is key no matter how you decide to step out solo. People can easily pick up when someone isn’t comfy, and looking vulnerable and unsure is unsafe. Give yourself a pep talk before you head out by complimenting yourself. Wear something you feel good and look fab in (sorry ladies, no sweats!). There are a few ways to get out there and feel great.

Safety First

We know, we know. You’re obviously all grown-up, but if you’re into exploring new places solo, please plan ahead. When possible discover places during daylight. If you’re hitting the streets after-dark, always be aware of your surroundings and make sure you park your car in a well-lit place or know how to locate public transportation. Have access to your iPhone, BlackBerry or another device with a map that can help if you do get lost.

Enjoy Where You Are

“Me-me-me” time is a great time to just drain your brain of anything that’s been bothering you. Wherever you end up, be it a local restaurant, bar or park, survey the setting. Reflect on your surroundings and what is going on with your life, then focus on your inner self (this also helps build your confidence!). Appreciating the simple things in life will instantly put you in a better mood. Out at a restaurant? Indulge in your favorite dish and put that phone away! Eat slowly and savor every yummy bite.

Everybody’s Talkin’

If it makes you feel uncomfortable to be completely stag, use this alone-time as an opp to meet new people. Start a conversation with the bartender, your waitress or a guy who looks a little lost shopping for an outfit. Ask your new chum friendly but not too invasive inquiries, based on your surroundings. You’ll learn something new, you might score a free drink, a shopping partner or a great new neighborhood secret, plus maybe you’ll make a few new friends (or contacts…or meet a cute guy!).


If you’re more bookworm than party babe, now’s the perfect time to catch up on that looong book list you’ve been accumulating since last summer. Stop by a local bookstore or library and stay to read or head over to the park for some Vitamin D intake (don’t forget the SPF!). Time to check out that long overdue relaxation time…ahhh!

See! Treat yourself to a solo day or evening on the town.

-Kellene McCaffrey

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