Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is er, NOW and you still don’t have a gift. Don’t freak—our last-minute gift ideas are thoughtful, inexpensive and easy to find. We’ve got super-cheap presents (some of them are practically free!) and more expensive options, too.

And for our extreme procrastinators out there, these gifts will work even a few minutes before you show up at mom’s. Read on….

1. Car Care on the Cheap

We bet your busy mom hasn’t had time to take care of her auto lately. When she’s still asleep on Sunday, grab her keys, or coordinate a time with your dad or sibs to get access to her car. Fill the tank, take her vehicle to a car wash, and add a few cute details—like her fave flowers, a cute trinket or an air freshener in her favorite scent.

2. Heartfelt Pages for Pennies

Getting lost in a good book is the ultimate relaxation activity. Gift one you’ve read recently (and think Mom would love, too!), or buy a copy of a childhood book (the first one you ever read by yourself, a series the two of you love or a bedtime story you favored as a baby) that reminds you of your mama. Personalize it with an inscription so she thinks of you every time she picks it up.

3. Spa in Seconds

We’re not asking you to call in the experts or mix up your own facials. It’s as easy as heading to your local drugstore and buying mom stuff that she uses on a daily basis. Think of her fave shampoos, mascaras, emery boards, nail polishes, hair brushes, etc. Package it all up with a message telling her that she’s beautiful inside and out (awww!). If you’ve got time and moolah, get a gift certificate or make an appointment for Mom at any of Claudia’s Picks spas (tested by our President, Claudia Chan!) and slip an I.O.U. in with that card.

4. Music for Mom

Instead of buying mom a CD or some iTunes of her favorite band, singer or movie soundtrack, why not gift her with a homemade CD or playlist made from songs that you choose? We’re sure you’ve got a tune or two that reminds you of your mama, so compile them into your own compilation (give it a cute name if you’re feeling creative). She’ll think of you every time she listens to it in the car, on the way to work, while she’s cleaning….

5. Budget Breakfast in Bed

OK, so this traditional present will never get old—no matter what age you are. If you’re strapped for time and cash, show up at moms place with her fave breakfast—be it a bagel, muffin or egg and cheese from the deli across the street. Add some flowers and a card, and have it waiting for her when she wakes up. If you’ve got time and a bigger budget, check out our easy ideas for a Mother’s Day Brunch.

-Cait Rohan


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