NYC Fashionistas Spotted!

New York City girls have such a unique sense of style that it could never be replicated—namely because they have no idea what they’re wearing. True story: Most of our final four  genuinely weren’t sure who made the clothes that had them looking so hot. Lesson learned: It doesn’t matter who you are wearing, but how you wear it!

Fashionista: JeeSoo
What are you wearing? Um, that’s a good question! I think these boots are from Bloomindales. This dress is from Antropologie, and my jacket and scarf are from Korea. Oh, and my clutch is Marc Jacobs.
What is your favorite spring trend? Flowy, colorful dresses, like the one I’m wearing!
What beauty product do you swear by? MAC powder.
Describe your perfect girls night out. Nice cocktails and then a DVD with the girls. So really, a girls night in!

Fashionista: Ashley
What are you wearing? Vintage heels, J. Brand jeans, a Final Touch top, an Erik Hart sweater and this necklace is from H&M. Oh yeah, and I made this hair piece.
What’s your favorite store? It’s a tie between Intermix and H&M.
What was the best fashion deal you ever scored? I got a vintage Louis Vuitton bag in Brooklyn for $150!
What is your must-have beauty product? Laura Mercier foundation powder.

Fashionista: Jessica
What are you wearing? Coach boots, Spanx leggings, a top from Old Navy, a J. Crew cardigan, and this is a Cole Haan bag.
What’s your favorite store? Urban Outfitters, definitely.
Who did you come with tonight? These two lovely ladies behind me!
Name one trend that should never return. (One lovely lady answers) Harlem pants or rompers!
Fashionista: Stacey
What are you wearing? I think these shoes are Steve Madden…yeah, that sounds good! I believe I got these jeans from Joyce Leslie and same for this top. This scarf is from H&M, and my bag was a gift, so I’m not sure who makes it!
What’s your tried and true beauty product? I love Bare Minerals!
What’s your favorite trend of the moment? Punk rock chic. I like it more on the soft side though, not too hard core.
Who did you come with? A friend, who I’m actually trying to find now!

-Kellene McCaffrey

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