Wardrobe 911!

Okay ladies, you spoke, we listened: The seemingly simple task of getting dressed in the a.m. is no walk in the park for any of you. Because it’s our mission to make your lives easier (and because we were tired of our editorial assistant being late every day!), we investigated a few wardrobe tips to help move your morning along.

We’ve all been there: half dressed and trying on every blouse in sight. Next thing you know your make-up is smeared and hair has come undone. Sidestep the problem forever with the little Valet Rod ($7) from The Container Store. This expandable rod allows you to hang and layer your every look, so you only have to physically put on the winning outfit–not your entire wardrobe!

Doth your closet overfloweth? Take an hour on a Sunday evening (yes, you can miss a night of American Idol reruns) and play “Yea, Nay, or Eh.” To do it, pull out those items that have been lurking in the back of your closet and pile them into keepers, losers, and whatevers. Go over the Eh’s again (and again) until you’re left with just Yea’s and Nay’s. Editing will build a stronger wardrobe of clothes that you will actually love and wear.

Recycle the items that don’t make the cut. Take them down to the nearest resale shop and trade them in for some new-to-you merchandise–or cash! Secondhand shops are very recessionista-friendly and a great way to be green. It’s a win-win, chica.

Try one of these stores:

Buffalo Exchange

Crossroad’s Trading Co

Beacon’s Closet (NYC only)

Annie Creamcheese (Las Vegas and D.C. only)

Now that we’ve done some editing, organizing and swapping, its time to shop! No, that wasn’t a typo. You’re a Shecky’s girl and we know you can’t help yourself. But this time around, shop smarter. Remember all those “Yea” items? These are your investment pieces; the ones you can’t live without. Stock up on these staples and skip the other stuff.

Here are some of our “wear with everything, to everything” staples:

Non Iron Tailored Dress Shirt ($90) from Brooks Brothers

($20) from the GAP

Chambray Drawstring Shirt Dress

($20) from Target

Mossimo Black Pencil Skirt

($198) from J.Crew

Navy School Boy Blazer

Now, go forth in style!


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  • jane14:

    i love that valet rod…i think im going to get one

  • jane14:

    i need 3 out of those 4 items

  • jane14:

    what should i do with my shoes? ebay, maybe?

  • jane14:

    this reminds me that i need to clean out my closet again

  • jane14:

    none of those places are in miami…but i go to platos closet here often

  • Nicole Constant:

    Heading to the Container store…I need that valet rod!!

  • frugalista757:

    good ideas, i really like the velvet rod and that its so inexpensive :)

  • Lesley:

    Good ideas….I like the format too!

  • avatar

    going to Buffalo Store ASAP!!

  • Koryne:

    love the tips. and i have all of the clothes as a few of my staples.

  • Joy:

    Good tips and I like that the pics are all on one page instead of having to click thru like some of the later articles. Please go back to this format. It’s speedier for my computer.


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