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Southern classics are one thing, but Houston gals know how to take their traditional and make it trendy! At last week’s Girls Night Out in Houston, plaid replaced flannel, studs jazzed up every basic and magenta stood in for darker solids. Get super inspired by these Houston hotties, then vote for your favorite fashion!

Trend: Tartan-tastic

The tartan trend has come quite a long way from the Nirvana-esque flannel disasters of the ’90s. We also spotted this look at our event in Dallas just days before, but  Houston ladies mixed it up by donning brightly colored plaids with ultra feminine cuts and girly ruffle details. Texas may be southern, but there isnothing country about this trend!

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Trend: Hard-Core Studs

No, we’re not talking about the hot Midori bartender! We’re referring to the oodles of grommets, pyramid studs, and metal accents cruising around the Shecky’s Houston event. Whether it was shoes, bags, or belts, ladies showed off their edgy personalities with heavy metal.

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Trend: Modern Ruffles and Frills

Queen Elizabeth was into wearing ruffles on her sleeves and up to her neck. That was fine for Liz, but a more modern take on an old classic garnished Houstonistas’ flouncy handbags and delicate shoes. These gals were randy for ruffles of all shapes and sizes this century, er, season!

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Trend: Marvelous Magenta

Often, fall trends lean toward darker, deeper colors in preparation of colder days, but not in H-town, baby! Here, bold colors are just a way of life, and this gorgeous hue is no exception. Ladies were spotted donning silky magenta tops, handbags and jewelry, all of which brought feminine to a whole different level.

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Trend: Chunky Pearls

So you’ve heard the phrase, “These aren’t your mother’s pearls?” Well these are—they’re just your mother’s pearls on steroids! Ladies were totally digging the look of chunky, close-clustered pearls. But—like every pearl in the sea—every girl was totally unique, wearing her pearls in a one-of-a-kind way.

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